This site provides a Google Spreadsheet for you to create timelines, with the heavy lifting done for you.  There are a few challenges you may face when embedding information, but they are easy once you practice.

Here’s what you’ll do:

  1. Visit the Timeline JS website
  2. Click “Make a Timeline”
  3. Click “Get the Spreadsheet Template”, then click “Make a Copy” – MAKE SURE YOU ARE LOGGED INTO YOUR MORAVIAN GOOGLE ACCOUNT!
  4. The spreadsheet has a few lines of examples.  DO NOT delete columns or leave cells blank.
  5. In ROW 2, type the text over their text that you want displayed as your title.
    1. Delete the text in “Media Caption” cell
    2. Find an image (you’re allowed to use – see the tab on Images and Citations on this site) and grab the IMAGE’S web address (this is tricky sometimes)
  6. In Row 3, add an element of your timeline by entering text over their example
  7. Continue adding timeline dates – they do not have to be in order, the site will do that for you
  8. When you’re finished entering data, click “File” at the top of your spreadsheet, then “Publish to the Web”
  9. Click the blue “Publish” button then close the pop-up box
  10. Return to your spreadsheet and copy the web address (URL) at the top of the page
  11. Return to the Timeline JS website and paste the Google Spreadsheet URL in the box in Step 3, then hit enter
  12. Copy the link that is created in Step 4 and submit it to your teacher – any updates you make to the spreadsheet will AUTOMATICALLY be updated online

Check out this tutorial for the basics.